Welcome to My B Squared

Welcome to our new management portal MyBSquared

MyBSquared is fundamental in improving our offering over the next few years. When we first identified Evisense as being able to revolutionise evidence supported learning across all age settings, the biggest challenge that faced us was making sure that Evisense fit in with what we already had and making sure our customers only had one list of students to maintain across all our products. This work is now coming to completion by our development team and we have been testing rigorously over the past few weeks.

So what is going to change in Connecting Steps and will it affect me?


For the most part, users in Connecting Steps will not notice any changes. You will still go to Connecting Steps to fill in your assessments. You will enjoy a faster user experience as we have enhanced the system overall.


If you are an Administrator in Connecting Steps, then you will notice that a lot of the options in the Administration section no longer exist and you are now pointed to MyBSquared to make these changes. MYBSquared is a completely new Administration portal that utilises the latest technologies to create a fast, easy to use, responsive web portal for all administrative tasks in Connecting Steps and Evisense.

You will now be able to:
• Create unlimited user accounts and assign licences/access for each product
• Add guardians/parents to the system
• Assign roles to users
• Suspend users and students if there is an issue
• Maintain child protection lists

You may notice that some options still reside in Connecting Steps, some of these may be moved over the coming weeks to MyBSquared, however we will put a pointer in place to help guide users to where they need to get to. We hope you enjoy this new modern interface and welcome any feedback.

 And how will Evisense change?


We have a truck load of features coming to users of Evisense including:
• Parental access
• Student access
• Bulk printing/Post printing/filtered report style printing
• Deleted recycle bin
• Post backdating
• Untagged posts
• Editing rights between users
• Image rotation in the browser
• Larger text fields


The biggest change again is going to be for Administrators as they will need to go to MyBSquared rather than Connecting Steps to add/remove pupils and adjust any licencing.  

We are looking forward to sharing these improvements with our customers and welcome any feedback that users may have on this new way of doing things and our host of new features. If you are using Connecting Steps and not using Evisense, why not sign up for a free trial and see the power of combining these 2 platforms together and how you can effectively increase parental engagement in line with your own evidence requirements.